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Organic Produce

Organic growing provides a natural alternative to synthetic chemical use.

It requires a lot of hard work and knowledge to achieve, but it is possible! Organic farmers replace harsh chemicals by utilising natural compost, crop rotation, companion planting, insect pollination and a whole lot of hand weeding!


Eco Friendly

If you feel an affinity with being healthy, spray-free, chemical-free, clean, sustainable, GMO-free, ethical, buying local and free range, then you have good reason to buy organic.

GMO Free

100% GMO free, New Zealand's organic produce is free of all the nasties that are tolerated in some countries. No genetic modification, enjoy GMO free produce at natures very best.

Soil Quality

Healthy, fertile soil is the foundation of the food system. Organic management practices look after soil rotation, helping to grow healthy crops that in turn nourish our bodies.

Water Quality

Less chemicals means less nasties in our waterways. Keep NZ water cleaner with organic produce, grown without the chemicals that can wash into our streams and rivers. 


Organic growing methods help maintain the planet for future generations. Organic farming is more sustainable because it has less of an impact on nature. 

Animal Friendly

Animals live on our planet too! Organic growing methods are kinder to the animals within our ecosystem. Organic farming is free of the harsh fertilizers and pesticides that harm living creatures. 

BioGro Certified

Certification is the only way to know that what you are buying is truly organically grown. Biogro are New Zealand’s leading certifier with the nations largest database of organic farmers, organic producers and organic manufacturers. Purefresh Organic products with the official Biogro logo are pleased to be supplying the very best in certified, organically grown, fresh produce.

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